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Protect your valuable, Warhammer Underworld cards with these card sleeves fit, Categories for grave guard, a Warriors stainless steel from a expansion, the Warhammer underw orlds to skeleton miniature and additional cards. This set includes: – 12 card sleeves for your mission cards with matching artwork on the back; Top 20 card sleeves for your makes cards with matching artwork on the back; Top 7 card sleeves for the character models, that are clear and the view of both sides of the card.


  • WH Underworlds: Sepulchral Guard Sleeves
  • 12 sleeves for your objective cards, with artwork on the reverse;
  • 20 sleeves for your power cards, with artwork on the reverse;
  • 7 character card sleeves, which are transparent to allow the reverse of the card to be visible.



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