Miniature Painting

Miniature painting is very much a part of the whole Games Workshop and tabletop wargaming industry and hobby as the games we play always look so much better when the equipment we use it painted. Well, I say that, but I guess it depends on how well the miniatures and scenery is painted, to be honest.

Because it’s all part and parcel of the hobby, Games Workshop and their Citadel range/department has plenty to offer us in the way of materials and accessories. They also have some excellent videos and books to watch and read if we’re inclined to improve our painting abilities.

Personally, the painting part of the gaming hobby isn’t my favourite. I’m more of a player who likes to build the miniatures and then crack on with using them in my games. I’ve never had the time to sit down and learn how to paint to a high standard but have had decent results with a bit of priming, base coating, wash, drybrush and then a bit of detail, but even that process takes too long, for my liking, if you’ve got an army to paint.

Anyway, enough about me and my laziness and dislike for painting, it’s obvious that any game looks and plays better if the miniatures are painted and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if tournament organisers start included a “Miniatures must be painted” rule into their rule sets.

To help you find the right paint for the job, I’ve added a Painting section to the shop with sub-sections for each type of paint Games Workshop supply for us to get our armies and warbands looking great.

Learn How to Paint

Don’t panic if you think you can’t paint, Games Workshop and the Warhammer TV guys have got you covered. There are loads of tips and tricks over on their Warhammer TV YouTube channel and you can get there using this link: How to Paint Shadespire Warbands.

That link will take you to a section for painting you Shadespire warbands but you can search from there if you want to know anything else from the guys. It really is a great place to go to learn how to paint your miniatures to a high good standard.

So, if you’re already happy with your level of painting, head on over to the shop and buy some new materials but, if you’re thinking you could do with learning a thing or two first, then head on over to the Warhammer TV channel and have a watch before hitting the shop to buy what you need.

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