Gurzag Ironskull is an Orruk of the Ironjawz. These Ironjawz are the biggest and meanest of all the Orruks and go about their business of smashing things whilst clad in thick metal plate armour and wielding crude metal axes, swords and clubs.

These guys are huge, muscular brutes who love nothing more than a good scrap and the wreaking of havoc. Size-wise, they’re a little shorter than a Stormcast Eternal but are much thicker set and don’t have to rely as much on their armour for protection. This is why they can get away with a more crude design of armour as opposed to the angelic Stormcast who, strong and resilient in their own right, probably wouldn’t survive a prolonged one-on-one scrap with an Ironjawz warrior were it not for their gold coloured protection.

If Gurzag Ironskull and his warband of boyz weren’t stuck in the Mirrored City of Shadespire, they’d be out creating havoc and destruction all over the mortal realm along with the masses of other Orruks in the world. It’s only due to an ill-conceived looting idea of the city that he and his 3 warband members became trapped.

At first, Gurzag was furious at his own misfortune and took it out on anyone and anything he came across within the city. Soon though, he came to enjoy the confines of Shadespire as he realised he and his boyz had a good supply of foes to challenge and fight, which is how any self-respecting Orruk gets his kicks day after day.

Ironskull's Boyz


For me, this great looking warband of 4 Ironjawz Orruks are in the same banding as Steelheart’s Champions as far as playing style goes. By that, I mean that they appear to lend themselves well as a fight first, objectives second kind of a warband.

They have the same build as the Stormcast with regards to speed, armour and wounds (except Gurzag himself who has an extra wound as he’s extra ‘ard!). The difference is when it comes to the attack. The Stormcast are more measured, precise and controlled and, as such, stand a better chance to hit and do more damage when they do hit. This is countered with the addition of the extra warrior for the Ironjawz as they have the 4 instead of the 3 that the Stormcast Eternals warband has.

Another slight point that makes the Orruks slightly less resilient than a Stormcast is that they have to suffer damage before they become inspired whereas a member of Severin’s warband has to roll a block or critical success symbol when defending an attack. This means they could shrug off an attack and take no damage whilst still becoming inspired to start hitting even harder and become even more difficult to damage.


On balance I’d say that Ironskull’s Boyz are one of the better warbands to go looking for a fight with and are great fun to play with as you try to smash things.

How do you play Ironskull’s Boyz? Let me know as I’m interested to know how good they are at things other than just going crazy and smashing the opposition up.