Shadespire Warbands

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire games are fought out within the confines of the city of Shadespire, which is nicknamed The Mirrored City due to all of the mirrors and glass used during its construction back during its glory days of wealth and prosperity.

We know where the fights take place, but who is it that’s doing the fighting? Well, that’s where the Shadespire warbands come in to play.

These warbands are made up of varying numbers of members and are trapped in the Mirrored City after going there for their own reasons. Some are there because the city is rich with artefacts and trinkets that are worth a lot, whilst others were sent there to defend the city or find one of their own colleagues who’d wandered there previously.

Garrek’s Reavers

Garrek Gorebeard and his band of Reavers are in the city of Shadespire just for the sheer hell of it. They worship the God known as Khorne and are interested in nothing much else than shedding the blood of others in the name of their God.

They wander the streets of Shadespire looking for a foe to butcher and then devour.

In this warband, you get five models representing Garrek Gorebeard and his four followers. As befits the followers of Khorne and the showering of blood they love to cause, these models come moulded in a red plastic.

Currently, this warband can only be purchased with the Shadespire core set (unless you fancy hitting eBay, of course).

Steelheart’s Champions

Severin Steelheart is the leader of the Stormcast Eternal warband which is lost within the realms of the Mirrored City. They ventured into the cursed city due to the many artefacts that are there. The hope is that they can find such an artefact that will forever cure the Stormcast Eternal of the flaw within the Reforging process that renders them immortal.

This flaw means that with every death and subsequent reforging, a part of the warrior’s soul is taken from them. The more times a warrior dies in combat, the more of his/her soul is lost until he/she no longer has any recollection of who they once were and are instead just a creature of habit with but one purpose — to kill!

The Stormcast Eternals are humanities last great hope in the never-ending battle against the Chaos Gods. Because of this, it’s fitting that Steelheart’s Champions are also only available in the Shadespire core set (again, unless you fancy going on eBay) and that your first battles will be playing out conflicts between the great enemies of Stormcast and Khorne Bloodbound.

Ironskulls Boyz

The Orruks race from the world of Age of Sigmar is represented within the walls of the city of Shadespire by Gurzag Ironskull and his boyz.

This particular breed of Orruk are known as Ironjawz, and are the biggest and the baddest of the lot. They are clad in thick metal plate armour and wield their mighty weapons made from whatever jagged bits of rusted metal they can find.

This warband is made up of four hugely muscular brutes who love nothing better than a good scrap. When not confined to the Mirrored City, Gurzag and his party would be joining others of his kind sweeping across the lands, destroying everything in their path.

The reason these guys are in Shadespire is that they were trapped there after an unwise looting trip. They’ve been trapped for decades now and, weirdly, Gurzag has come to like the place as it supplies him with an endless stream of opponents to test his fighting skills against.

This warband is fittingly supplied in green plastic.

Sepulchral Guard

The Sepulchral Guard can be considered to be the guardians of the city of Shadespire.

They are unlike other undead as they have not been raised from the ground as one would expect. Instead, their souls have been trapped within the confines of their bodies for more years than their bodies could remain alive. Basically, their physical bodies have decayed and disappeared leaving just their bones and a fragment of their consciousness.

This is as a result of the curse the God of Death, Nagash has put on the city and it’s people within. Many of the unfortunates cursed in this way have sworn allegiance to Nagash in the hope that one day he will free them from their agonising existence.

The leader of the Sepulchral Guard is the Warden and he is the most faithful servant of the God of Death. He is so trusted by Nagash that he has been awarded an ability that allows him to garner a following of others like him and an ability to resurrect them should they fall whilst fighting the cause of the Great Necromancer.

This warband is supplied in a bone coloured plastic.

Spiteclaw’s Swarm

Led by Skritch Spiteclaw, this warband of Ratmen is in the city to loot as much as they can whilst looking for a way to freedom from it.

Spiteclaw is joined by four other Skaven as they prowl the city looking for the goodies they know lay within the city. They have no fear of care for anyone or anything that would get in their way and will pounce on them as one and murder them in the pursuit of their prize.

This Shadespire expansion warband comes in the form of five miniatures cast in a brown plastic. This seems to be a very popular race to play and many players were very happy when it was announced that they were going to be released.

The Chosen Axes

This bunch of axe-wielding warriors are from the Fyreslayer branch of the Duardin race and fight for anyone who is willing to pay them in Ur-Gold to do so.

It is this mercenary way of life that has stricken this band of four Chosen Axes within the city of Shadespire. The Fyreslayers of the Vostarg lodge were employed to rid the city of the curse that haunts it but has failed to do so and has lost countless comrades in their pursuit to fulfil their contract.

Fjul-Grimnir and his band of warriors continue to patrol the city and rid it of any evil they encounter whilst trying to rid it of the curse and, as such, restore the honour of his people once their contracted mission has been completed.

The miniatures of this warband are supplied in a bright orange plastic to represent their firey-coloured locks.

Without a doubt, more warbands will be added to the game of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire, and when they do, I’ll add a brief description for each of them here on this page.

I’ll also add links to the cheapest places I know to purchase them as well as adding them to the shop area of the website.

Happy Gaming!