This warband of Fyreslayers are a bunch of mercenaries, as are all Fyreslayers of the Duardin race. The story goes that the Vostarg lodge of Fyreslayers were employed to protect the city of Shadespire but failed in their attempt to stop it from falling under the curse set by Nagash, the God of Death.

The leader of this Chosen Axes warband is Fjul-Grimnir, and he has taken it upon himself, with the help of his closest warrior friends to enter Shadespire and rid it of the curse in order to clear his families name. He needs to achieve this as pride and honour are everything to a Fyreslayer (as well as Ur-Gold, of course).

The Chosen Axes


Oh goody, another slow-moving warband. The Chosen Axes have a movement characteristic of just 2 which, I suppose, is accurate seeing as they are Duardin and have short legs with which to carry their bulky, muscular torsos and thick, heavy skulls.

I’ve not played with these guys yet and so am not 100% sure on how best to use them. My initial take on them is one of confusion as they look like the type of warband that is built to smash opponents with their great axes but then their inspiring trigger is that they have to hold an objective at the end of an action phase. So, are they fighters, objective-grabbers or a hybrid of both? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

My initial thought is that you sit as many of them as you can on objectives in the first round (hopefully scoring glory points due to your objective cards as well) before going off into the enemy swinging those big axes and glorious ginger beards in rounds 2 and 3.

My initial deck for the Chosen Axes is going to consist of objective cards that reward me for holding objectives and ploy and upgrades that give me movement buffs. Beyond that, I’ve not really thought about it but I imagine they’ve got some pretty sweet power cards in their box.

Obviously, I’ll report back with any and all findings once I’ve had a chance to use this great looking warband.

My first observation is that they come with a universal ploy card called Earthquake. This card allows the person playing it to move all fighters one hex. I can see this card being put into many a deck to really piss Chosen Axe players off.

Imagine a player spending the action phase of round 1 putting his fighters on objective hexes in order to get them inspired only to have their opponent use Earthquake at the very last moment to move them all off again. Wow, I’d be proper pissed about that. I’m no mathematician and have never been arsed with the whole math-hammer thing, but I can’t imagine the chances of your opponent drawing that card at the beginning of every game you play are very high. Having said that, it’s going to happen, just not every game.

The Chosen Axes Earthquake Power Card


Without having played them I’m struggling to come to a conclusion about the Chosen Axes. I think they look gorgeous in both the miniatures and art on the cards — I love the orange and gold colours as they really make the card ‘pop’.

As I’ve said, I’ll definitely be reporting back my findings on this warband after a few games with and against them so keep popping back for a look. For now, though, all I can say is that I’m intrigued by the Chosen Axes and think they are one of the best-looking warbands in the game. Those glorious orange dice make me want a drink of Lucozade.