Shadespire Dice

The game of Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is one that combines elements of a board, card, miniature and dice game, and has some luck and probability thrown in for good measure.

Part of the luck and probability comes to the game in the form of dice rolls, as is the case with many games. The difference with Warhammer Underworlds is that it has its own unique dice instead of the usual D6’s we all know and love.

With the Shadespire dice, we have five attack dice, which are thrown when we are on the attack, and three defence dice, which we throw when we are defending our fighters from attack. There are symbols on these dice instead of the usual 1-6 dots and it’s with these symbols that we determine the outcome of attacks and defences.

How Many Shadespire Dice Do You Need?

Well, this is kinda where my problem lies. I know that we only need one set of dice (5 attack dice and 3 defence dice) but Games Workshop has suckered me in with their crafty little marketing ploy of releasing different sets of dice for each different warband.

Each warbands miniatures have been released in different coloured plastic but also have a colour designated to them for gaming purposes such as purple for the Sepulchral Guard, orange for The Chosen Axes and red for Garrek’s Reavers etc. To go with this, Games Workshop has released fantastic looking dice that correspond to that gaming colour.

Shadespire Dice Sets

The only set you really need is the one in the centre of the image above which consists of the black and white dice. This is the set that comes with the Shadespire core set and does the job perfectly well.

But, let’s be honest, we play this brilliant game because we enjoy it, and because we enjoy it we don’t mind spending money on it and things that we don’t really need, right?

To buy a set of these dice is going to cost you somewhere in the region of £7-£9 when you factor in independent stockist’s shipping (unless you live near one that you can pop in to) so they’re not going to break the bank.

I actually find that they can be picked up cheaper on Amazon because, even though the price looks initially more expensive than independent stockists price, they don’t charge for shipping (well, they do but it’s in the price they advertise the product at).

The images in this post are of the dice I’ve bought and kinda shows that I’m a bit of a sucker for the shiny objects. But, come on, they look great, add more colour to my games and, because we can have a set each, means that I don’t have to keep looking for that other dice I need when it’s my turn to roll and my opponent has left it right over on their side of the table meaning I can’t reach it! So annoying, hehe.

Do I regret buying all these extra shiny dice that I don’t really need? Nah! They’re great, and I’ll most likely keep buying more with the new warbands when they get released.

So, how do you do it? Buy the nice shiny dice to go with your new warband purchase or stick with the core set dice and save your money (and storage space) for other hobby stuff? Let me know in the comments below.

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