Although I store my Shadespire miniatures, cards, tokens, dice etc. in a Defender Storage and Figure case from my FLGS called Tabletop Tyrant, I’ve decided that it might prove to be a little cumbersome for those days away from home at regional (and further-a-field, eventually) tournaments so have decided to make another Shadespire purchase. I really need to stop spending!

Even though all my Shadespire stuff lives in this good Defender case, I kept the original core set box as I thought it might come in useful one day. Today would appear to be that day. Well, it will be when my purchase arrives.

Warhammer Core Box Foam Tray

This brilliant bit of kit is just a foam tray designed to accommodate the Shadespire core box set and everything in it. There are compartments for two decks (including a cutout to get your finger down to avoid the risk of curling your cards up whilst attempting to get them out), the miniatures, one set of gaming dice, all your wound, glory and activation tokens as well as a separate compartment for the larger objective size hex pieces — everything you need for a game of Shadespire, really.

Shadespire core box foam tray

If you’re not planning on purchasing any more of the game’s increasing range of products, this foam is still perfect for storing your core set. But, if like me, you can’t stop buying stuff for the game and intend to travel to tournaments or even just round to a friends house to play, then I reckon this foam tray in your core set box will be perfect as well.

Although the cutouts for the miniatures are cut to the sizes of Steelheart’s Champions and Garrek’s Reavers, I’ve just measured the Sepulchral Warden of the Sepulchral Guard up against Severin Steelheart (as he’s the tallest of the Stormcast and the Warden has his big pointy stick) and there isn’t much difference. this leads me to believe that even the tall, skinny skellies will fit into the slots.

The only warband that might require the flexing of the cutout walls could be the Ironskull’s Boyz. These brutes are quite bulky, especially the poses of Hakka and Gurzag, but I’m sure they’ll fit with a bit of encouragement.

For me, I think this will be the perfect travelling storage solution when I’m travelling to tournaments in the future as it’s cheaper than buying another figure case and stores everything I’ll need to compete as I’ll just be taking the one warband plus all tokens and boards etc.

Even though it’s designed for the two warbands that come with the core set, there’s no stopping the transportation of two other warbands. Even the Sepulchral Guard would fit as a few of them are the right size to share a compartment within the foam tray. As I said, this looks like the perfect solution to transporting everything you’ll need for a game of Shadespire if you’re the one having to do the travelling.

You can pick this brilliant bit of kit up from Amazon for £9.99+postage and, although it doesn’t show it, the tray comes with a foam lid to really protect your stuff.

It’s worth noting that they do foam trays for other similar games as well. These can be seen and selected on the Amazon page.

Shadespire Core Box Foam Tray

When mine turns up, I’ll take some photos and do a review of it and see if I’m right to be so excited about Small things something as trivial as a foam tray that goes into a box. Small things, small minds, and all that.