The Sepulchral Guard, or “Deathrattle” as some call them, are the servants of the God of death known as Nagash. It was indeed Nagash who cursed the once great city of Shadespire due to it’s more wealthy and senior inhabitants cheating death by using the shadeglass as a means of preserving themselves and therefore denying the God of death his claim to their souls upon their demise.

Shadespire shadeglass

Not only did Nagash curse the city to be the mirrored maze of confusion it now is, but he also cursed its inhabitants. Many of these inhabitants are now the Sepulchral Guard and serve Nagash in the defence of the city from intruders who dare venture to within it.

Nagash’s curse was to trap the souls of the people within their bodies for eternity whilst letting the bodies of flesh and blood decay away to nothing, leaving just the bone frames to imprison the soul.

This curse is torture to the people and some have decided to devote their loyalty to the God of death in the hope that he may one day release them and let their souls die just as their bodies did many decades ago.

The most devoted of the Deathrattle is the Sepulchral Warden who, in his previous life, was Lord Marshal of Shadespire. He has proven his loyalty to Nagash and has been rewarded with the abilities to resurrect his fallen comrades and inspire them to do their masters bidding.

Sepulchral Guard Deathrattle


The playstyle of the Sepulchral Guard is one that I’m still getting to grips with. This is my current favourite warband and the one that throws up the most challenges in terms of getting the win.

The Sepulchral Guard certainly have the superior numbers with their 7 warriors, but this does guarantee the win by any means.

My first strategy with them was to bunch them all together and march them into the enemy and use the fact that they were all supporting each other (giving me a better chance to hit on the attack and defend when being attacked) to do some serious damage t the opponents warband. This sounds fine but I found that my opponent would be racking up the glory points and pulling out a lead whilst I struggled to get to them with my pathetic move characteristic of 2.

I’d love to be able to swarm an opponent and take out their warband bu the movement characteristic reduces the effectiveness of such a tactic, in my opinion.

I currently see the Sepulcral Guard as more of a defensive, objective-grabbing warband and have built a deck that has cards which reward you multiple times for holding objectives.

That’s not to say that they can’t fight, as they certainly can. I love to send the Harvester into a bunch of enemy fighters and watch him attack each adjacent one with his Sythe, especially when he’s been buffed with an upgrade that gives him Cleave and I’m fighting against a well-armoured opponent.

Playing them is a fine balance between getting your guys inspired (they inspire when brought back from the dead by the Warden) and giving up glory points to your opponent.

I always send The Prince of Dust in first and am willing to sacrifice him as he becomes very good once inspired. He, as they all do, becomes quicker (3 movement characteristic instead of 2) and hits harder. Because I’m now trying to keep the enemy away from my Petitioners who are holding objectives and scoring glory points, the Prince’s Knockback 1 ability whilst fighting harder is great for keeping them away.

One of my favourite Ploy cards for this warband is Bone Shrapnel. If one of my warband gets taken out of action, I play this card and 1 damage is inflicted on the enemy who killed him. This has scored me a glory point or two to date also by taking out the enemy fighter. All I do next is bring my fighter back if it’s needed.

So, how do you play the Sepulchral Guard? Let me know in the comments below as I’m always looking for new ideas.


Still my favourite warband even though I’ve been playing them for a while and still haven’t come up with a deck and tactics that I’m totally satisfied with.

What they lack in speed they make up for in numbers but this isn’t an easy way to achieve wins. I feel that you really need to have nailed down a couple or three solid strategies for different things that might happen within a game as they just don’t have the speed to react and change plan mid-game. My current thinking is that you need to have a plan and you need to stick to it.

Maybe I’m wrong and there are decks being built out there that make the Sepulchral Guard into a versatile fighting unit. If so, please let me know in the comments as I’d love to know who you’re playing them.