Card Sleeves and Deck Boxes

The cards we get to use in our games of Warhammer Underworlds are indeed beautiful pieces of work. The problem with them is that their condition is going to deteriorate over time the more they get used.

The best way to combat this is with the addition of two things to your gaming kit; card sleeves and deck boxes.

Card Sleeves

These card sleeves are transparent so that the faces that are needed to be seen can, indeed, be done so.

Some cards in Warhammer Underworlds need to have both sides seen, such as the character cards as one side shows the character uninspired and the reverse side shows it once it becomes inspired. Because of this, the Games Workshop card sleeve packs come with the correct amount of fully clear card sleeves for the associated warband characters and then twenty cards backed with the blue coloured logo for the power cards and twelve gold colour backed logo sleeves for the objectives. Most people feel that building a deck with the minimum number of power cards is best as this increases your chances of drawing the better cards more often. If you’re planning on using a larger deck, you’ll have to purchase more card sleeve packs if you’re using Games Workshop’s designs.

Personally, I love the Games Workshop card sleeves and use them for all my warbands but, some people would argue that the other manufacturers’ card sleeves are better value for money.

Whatever your thinking is, make sure you head over to the card sleeve area of the shop and have a look for yourself.

Deck Boxes

If you’re only likely to play your games of Warhammer Underworlds at home then you’ve got no worries about transportation damage happening to your cards. If, however, you think you’ll be entering tournaments, playing round at a friends house or at your local gaming store then you might want to consider getting yourself some deck boxes.

These things are brilliant and easy to just slip your cards in whether they be in a random pile or killer deck that you’ve created for dominating at the next event. I’ve bought a separate deck box for each separate deck I’ve built and a great thing about them is that they come in different colours meaning it’s easy to pick up the deck you want for a certain warband.

My favourite deck boxes are the Ultra Pro Solid Deck Boxes. Like I say, I’ve got an appropriately coloured one for each of my warbands as a way of keeping the decks I use separate and organised.

Even if you’re not planning on travelling anywhere with your cards, it might be worth considering the purchase of these boxes anyway as they are a great way to store your cards and keep them clean and tidy.

Card Sleeve and Deck Box Combos

If you have a quick look at the deck box area of the shop you’ll notice that there’s the possibility to buy both the boxes and some card sleeves as a combo purchase. These are worth looking at as they can save a bit of money if you’re not after using the Games Workshop card sleeves.

Card sleeves and deck boxes